What does a consultation entail?

How is the “vacuum” achieved?

I am proud to offer the state-of-the-art Laser Head Scanner. This incredible piece of technology allows me to get extremely accurate head dimensions, which are then used to create the mold, used in manufacturing the Freedom II Cap. This new method will forever replace the old plaster mold that has inherent disadvantages including time delays and discomfort to the client (children and sensitive scalps in particular).

With accuracy to within 1mm or better, the scanning process takes only minutes to complete and is instantly submitted to the Freedom Hair factory along with your order.

What kind of commitment is required when wearing a “vacuum” piece?

Freedom hairpieces are recommended for clients who have long term, extensive hair loss. To wear one of our hairpieces your head has to be either clean shaven or you must have no growth at all on your scalp. To shave your head is a very critical decision. This is a big step for many people.

Am I able to grow any hair on my head when wearing a “vacuum” piece?

You may grow hair under your cap, but know that the longer you let your hair grow, the more you compromise the vacuum and security of the piece. If you lead a low-key lifestyle, you may find that a little growth is fine. But if you are active, you will want to keep your head shaven to ensure the most secure fit.

Do I need any glue or tape to ensure the wig stays on my head securely?

Because of the vacuum seal that creates suction to your head, there is no need for tape and glue and you are free to engage in your normal lifestyle without fear or embarrassment. The wig will not move or come off until you take it off.

What is “unprocessed European hair?”

Unprocessed (sometimes called ‘virgin’) hair is human hair that has not been permed, colored, or chemically processed in any way and it’s been carefully cut off in a ponytail from the person who grew it.

Unprocessed hair can be of any ethnic origin, but the best quality hair used in making wigs comes from Europe. This is the most expensive, and most sought after hair because of its soft texture, and also because it’s in such short supply. It simply isn’t available in the large quantities that Asian hair is available.

Freedom Hair Wigs are made from 100% human hair, virgin, of European origin, which has NEVER been colored, bleached or permed; have all the cuticle layers intact, and all the cuticles are facing the same direction. The hair looks and acts completely natural like growing hair. Plus, the hair looks healthier and will last longer because it’s untreated and in such good condition.

I am not of European decent; may I purchase hair appropriate to my ethnicity?

We can match any ethnic group, and any hair type. We also match the wig scalp cap to your skin color.

Am I able to wear my wig up in a ponytail or an up-do style?

Yes! When you have your hairpiece cut and styled, the hairdresser will cut in the “wispies” to mimic the look of baby hair growing at the back of your neck and behind and above your ears. As your Freedom Wig has been made to duplicate your hairline exactly, the results are very natural.

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Can I really swim in a Freedom Wig?

Yes! Because of the suction fit, you will be able to enjoy swimming at the beach or in the pool and the wig will not come off when you swim. Since hair is implanted in the direction it would normally grow, it looks natural when it gets wet.

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Can I sleep in my Freedom Wig?

You can but we don’t recommend this because the frequent rubbing of the hair against the pillow will eventually cause hair breakage. The manufacturer calls this “mechanical breakage” and it is not covered under the one-year warranty. Please limit sleeping in the hairpieces to special occasions only.

How long will my Freedom Wig last?

With proper care and maintenance the life expectancy of the hairpiece is estimated at 2 – 3 years.

Do you make wigs for children?

Yes! Freedom Wigs are particularly wonderful for children because they look so realistic that other kids won’t even know they are wearing a wig. The suction base allows children to participate in all the usual physical activities at school; swimming, gymnastics, camping trips etc. Particular care is taken when the wig is made for children with regard to the density and by using softer and finer hair to duplicate how children’s hair grows.

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Once I order, how long is the wait?

Right now, the average time between scan and receipt of piece is 4 months. But it is important to note that there may be delays due to a shortage of blonde, red, or long hair (12 inches or longer) in any color.

How does the ordering process work?

You will want to make an appointment to meet in person to take your scan and fill out your order specifications. We will then send you a sample fit cap and hair-sample to ensure a proper fit and color/curl/texture respectively. This is approximately 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment. If everything meets your approval, the implanting process begins.

Who styles my Freedom Wig?

We have many experienced professional hair stylists throughout the country that I can refer you to OR you can use your own stylist. If you choose to use your own stylist, we will provide as many tips as we can to ensure the best cut possible – since cutting a vacuum piece does require a conservative and skilled approach.

Can the piece be colored?

Yes it can… both highlighted and low-lighted, and all-over color by a professional stylist/colorist.

I’ve heard ‘vacuum’ pieces can be repaired – what does this mean?

Freedom’s commitment to making a durable hairpiece is one which is taken seriously. Because of the nature of the product, many will need to be repaired after 15-24 months of wear. Repairing your wig will greatly extend the life of your piece for a small fraction of the original cost. Freedom will re-implant hair where needed and match the added hair to the existing color using the original length ordered. The interior cap is also replaced at this time. The old silicone will be removed, perimeter reinforcement strips and metal stays replaced along with a fresh coat of smooth, gripping silicone.

Is there a warranty on a Freedom Wig?

Yes. There is a 1-year warranty on workmanship. The warranty does not include “mechanical” breakage which is breakage that occurs due to improper use or care.

Is there ever a problem with excessive heat while wearing a vacuum prosthesis?

I have found the answer to this to be very subjective. What may seem hot to some is not perceptible to others. The temperature of the silicone cap will match your skin temperature exactly – it will never get any hotter. And Freedom Wigs’ newest generation of vacuum hairpieces have a distinct advantage of better heat dissipation due to an advanced molecular silicone structure – allowing the pieces to be vapor permeable for the first time ever (see the Freedom II cap under product information).

Bottom line, all hairpieces may provide a level of additional heat since there is now a layer (similar to a hat) preventing air to fully escape from our heads. As a Freedom client myself for over 20 years (with 15 of those years living in Texas), nothing beats the peace of mind a Freedom Wig provides me.