welcome to the family

Dear New Freedom Client,

I welcome you with open arms to the Freedom Family. I can tell you from personal experience, that you've embarked on an AMAZING journey. But like all else, it takes time, practice and patience to learn how to wear and live in your new Freedom vacuum prosthesis.

Below, please find a few tips, tricks, and other snippets of advice that I've learned along the way. But this is not meant to be ALL of the information that you need -- it's just enough to get you started.

Before your salon appointment (where you will cut and perhaps color your piece), you should practice putting your piece on daily. And with each day you will learn a little more. Some days -- you will nail it! And other days, you will struggle to find that elusive "sweet" spot. But rest assured, within a few weeks you will feel much more comfortable and the piece starts becoming a part of YOU. This is not only a physical transformation, but an important psychological one as well.

Remember...this is NEW. This is unlike ANYTHING you've worn before. It is exciting but a little scary too. Expectations are high. You've had "wigs" before, and they haven't worked as well as you hoped. You want this one to be everything you always wanted. And I hope that it will be for you. But change takes time. Change takes patience. You will need to learn something new. This doesn't happen overnight. But know that with time and patience, this change will yield AMAZING results.

I've worn the Freedom vacuum prosthesis for over 20 years. I'm here for YOU through this process. I will guide you with my heart and with my own experience.

So enjoy getting to know your new hair. Give "her" time to get to know you too. Practice your fit as much as you are comfortable with. Reach out with questions. Remember, you are NOT alone. This piece was designed by people who KNOW what you are going through. We are here to help you achieve what you need to move forward and beyond. The ultimate goal is to start LIVING your life again with FREEDOM and less restriction. So let the transformation begin...

With Love & Understanding,




1. Wash your scalp AND the inside of your silicone cap at least daily (and/or after any physical activity when possible)

It is essential to wash both your own scalp and the interior of your prosthesis every day.  This maintains the grip of the silicone cap and helps avoid unpleasant odors.

Use a small amount of LIQUID DISH DETERGENT, swish around, and then rinse out, then repeat. (Just wiping with water alone won't remove perspiration oil, and slippery silicone and odor may result.) Do this every time you take off. Do not wait until the next morning as the oil will build up and create unnecessary hardship for you.

If you are not at a place where you can take off at a sink with soap and water (work, school, gym), wet wipes are a temporary, but helpful solution. Please ensure wipes are moisturizer-free, scent-free, and alcohol-free. Wipes should only be a "quick fix" and should not replace your daily routine of washing with actual soap and water.

2. Wash hair only as you deem necessary.

At the most frequent limit, you may wash your hair every 7-10 days depending upon your level of activity. You may also "spot" wash your bangs/fringe or your baby hairs around the perimeter as needed as well.

Washing can be done in the shower while wearing it or by hand. If done by hand, do not let piece sit in the sink or bowl. And avoid saturating the cap (letting water just sit in the cap for prolonged period of time). You should wash and condition as normal, comb through and then air dry by placing on a mannequin head OR dry with blow dryer. Do not let your piece sit wet and damp for a period of time.

Lastly, most shampoos are formulated to remove oils from the scalp (which would dry out a hairpiece) so we recommend shampoos and conditioners formulated for dry or colored hair that include extra conditioners to keep hair silky and smooth.  VERY IMPORTANT: Do not leave the hairpiece wet with conditioners or other products overnight or for long periods of time.



Of course those wearing a hair prosthesis want a natural look for their finished hairstyle. It is highly recommended that you visit with a stylist who has experience cutting a Freedom prosthesis -- as this hairpiece is unlike any other wig on the market and there are special and unique skills specifically learned and required so that you achieve the most natural and beautiful outcome.



Most clients choose to color their hair in some way. Many choose highlights. Highlighting is fine so long as you color within reason.  You want to avoid coloring and then 6 weeks later coloring again, etc. Over processing can lead to hair weakening and breakage.

We also recommend that you do not color/highlight down to the root if you can help it. The pivot point of the hair is vulnerable and will weaken if you color. The pivot point is the point at which the hair bends and is about 1/8” away from the cap. Leaving a bit of a darker root also provides a more natural look – no one really has perfect roots unless they just stepped out of the salon anyway!  

If your hair is worn during the spring and summer months (when we are outdoors much more often), it is quite likely that within 6-8 months, the color will have lightened to the point of needing maintenance. You have options. You may choose a simple toner, low-lights or all over color. But please try to keep the color off the "skin" as much as possible to protect the implant site from sitting in the coloring product and potentially weakening the implant site.



  1. Watch the DVD! There is really nothing better than seeing someone else put the piece on first...you've seen me in person, but its been a few months and its not "fresh." Watch Martine in our video show you what to do...and what not to do.

  2. Place the hairpiece upside down on your lap like a bowl, so you can see the label at the nape facing away from you. You will see two aluminum strip stiffeners in the silicone of each ear flap (the points that go in front of your ears. The earflaps can & should be gently rounded inwards very slightly, so the cap edge always fits close to your temples. Always adjust these OFF your head and with both thumbs applying pressure to each side. Form a "C" shape...never a "V" shape -- the latter is too severe and will pucker. Once you adjust -- you will not (and should not) need to adjust daily. I tend to check mine every couple of weeks.

  3. You may spray the inside of the cap with a little water to help slide into place. This is not required -- some love to do this, while others do not.

  4. Bend your head down into the cap, and then wiggle the piece around while checking symmetry above your ears and the forehead area. I do all of this while still bending down. Once you feel you are symmetrical -- push down on the crown and down the sides to squish air out and "commit" your suction.

  5. Look in a mirror or feel to check there's even spacing around each ear, and there's no bubble or air space at the top or crown. If there is a bubble, this may mean your have your piece too far forward on your forehead. Alternatively, if you are gapping at the forehead area, this may mean you have too far back. Lift your bangs up to really see if you are symmetrical and enough forehead is showing.

  6. To remove, use two thumbs at the front forehead area or at the back nape – please avoid taking off at the ear flaps because of those metal stays. If you continuously move those metal stays back and forth while taking off – they may eventually break.

  7. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Chances are that you will not find the sweet spot the first time, or consistently for the first few weeks. I only make it look easy because I've had 20 years to perfect this!

  8. Good luck! Remember...the fit takes time and patience. You will get this. You will become a pro. And you will look fabulous.

product recommendations

  • Styling Tools:

    • The Wet Brush (a MUST)

    • GHD Straightener

    • Hot Tools Professional Wand

    • Ionic Hairdryer -- reduces frizz and dries hair faster (T3 or Chi)

  • Shampoos/Conditioners:

    • Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Line

    • R + Co

  • Styling Products:

    • Moroccan Oil

    • R + Co

    • Bumble & Bumble

    • Oribe

  • Mannequin head:

    • Narrow enough so the head does not push out your metal stays (long neck styros are great and inexpensive)

I didn’t think we’d ever have “her” back...I thought this would prevent her from doing kid things — sports, prom, parties — And I am so happy to say I was wrong. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Diane, Mom of a 17 yr old Freedom wig wearer (Houston, TX)